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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  February 22, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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when four american tourists on board, they took a different path. at friday a group of pirates hijacked of the yacht. monday u.s. military official say a u.s. navy warship was trailing the yacht in negotiations were underway to free the americans. he got oldetuesday ty responded to gunfire and found all four hostages shot dead. >> there were two pirates that were dead on board the vessel when they boarded. as the berkeley ringgit in belowdecks there were two more pirates who were killed in the clearing process. >>reporter: friends of the owners say the couple look forward to their tractarian >> scott and i had lunch together in del ray, we discussed at length the process someone would go through to make the decision to go through this area.
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what he had said it is he had a strong desire to sail with his own boat around the world. gene was having a difficult time with the heat of the tropics and wanted to get to european waters and see europe by boat. this is a common root for european boats to take as the last leg to get home. >>reporter: u.s. officials say it all, 19 pirates were involved in the hijacking of the vessel. besides the four dead, 15 others are in custody. in washington,. >>pam: one of the four victims killed was phyllis mckay. this is her picture. the jets family here in the bay area and today attorneys spoke to reporters about how they're dealing with the loss. >> we are terribly distraught and devastated over this news. my aunt is a very smart an avid sailor. she was living her dream sailing around the world for
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this canal the third year. my grandmother when it's you all to no that the world as an empty place without my and your. she was beautiful, vivacious and live life to the fullest. i and was very adventurous. i want the media to portray her as somebody who did from a research and why they were in that area we don't know. she was not haphazardly italy ocean just doing loosely traveling around terry had >>pam: at 5:30 p.m. you will hear more from the family about what they were told by the u.s. government about the rescue effort. the details to say about these two teachers whose bodies were found in the waters near walnut creek on sunday area the--teenagers. kron 4, spoke with the principle of
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the high school where they were juniors. >>reporter: the first day back to school for students of the high schools since the deaths of matthew miller and gavin powell. were here at the union high school district offices, the school principal matt campbell talks about the two popular students. >> there were really great people in good students and well liked by their peers. there were well respected by their peers and the respected the educational process. they were fine young man. >>reporter: the principal said grief counselors are being made available on campus for students, teachers and parents following the tragic deaths of these two students. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: our team coverage on the story continues with crank who spoke with students. >>craig: a difficult time for students, know in two of their fellow students died tragically over the weekend. news of the accident came as
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a shock to fellow students even those who didn't know the boys. >> i still felt pretty bad and sad. >> even if you don't know the person as a friend or anything, it makes you think about your own mortality. >> for those who knew the boys there are still fond memories of the two. >> great guys, a great personality. they always wanted to go in and ventures like this one. >> they were pretty cool in down to earth. >>craig: many of the students were wearing yellow in honor of the boys. it was the color of their bike team. we thought it would be a good way to honor them. in walnut creek, craig kron 4 news. >>pam: 7 as a teenager trend for more than a block by hit-and-run driver is making
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steady improvements. erica show here recent photo with her mother in the eyes you at the regional medical center turn 19 years old today. at the hospital for mother showed guests at her daughter had received. it should think the committee for what she's as has been an overwhelming outpouring of support. >> we have a lot of plants, were still going to do something for heard tonight all together. we will bring her gifts and a cake to be here for her. >>pam: eric may be improving, her mother said she's had four rounds of surgery and will be hospitalized for another four to six months. the driver involved in the case remains at large. police in vallejo are searching for a convicted sex offender. today they should a felony arrest warrant for michael maze to you see here. he failed to register as a sex offender and is required by law. his original offense
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involving a minor under the age of 14. >>jacqueline: sunny and warm this afternoon, temperatures in the upper 50s and a number of spots. 50 degrees in half moon bay, 54 san francisco, 54 oakland. temperatures upper 50s = north bay. the temperatures will drop off to get over night. on future cast, already into the 30's by midnight and santa rosa through napa most of the north bay. it tomorrow morning of the purple on your screen indicates temperatures in the 30's that. here's a look at tomorrow at a glance, san francisco 42 degrees of warmer location to start the day that warm to 52 degrees. the winds will kick up in the afternoon as well. we do have a big change is coming through that's what the clouds will be increasing, and the winds will pick up for after do. possibly snow
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here in the bay area. we will talk about that in a bet. >>pam: these 75 people dead more than 300 others missing in new zealand. if this is following a 6.3 earthquake that struck the country this is video moments after the quake hit. an entire wall of rocks collapsing onto the ground there. officials say this is the worst quake in new zealand has seen in 80 years. rescue crews and volunteers are still trying to reach hundreds of people believed trapped under tons of rubble. >>reporter: shocked and terrified residents have been carried down to from collapsed buildings from a devastatingly earthquake. rescue workers joined by locals lifted people at of the buildings and on stretchers to a makeshift hospital site. hear medical
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staff were able to treat the injuries and offer some words of comfort. an aerial view shows the extent of the destruction. plumes of smoke rise from buildings reduced to rubble after the 6.3 magnitude quake hit. rescue teams climbed in shouted through the debris to find survivors with the death toll currently at 65 is expected to rise. christ church cathedral spire is now up pile of large sandstone blocks on the ground. unlike large last year's tremor, this was struck during a visit lunch time. it's really delicious, mom.
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>>pam: the white house and many bankers are in agreement, if last year's credit card loss for good for consumers and banks. >>reporter: the credit card laws passed about a year ago proving to be a bonus for
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consumers. the new law's curbs interest rates and force more disclosure for credit card companies of potential fees according to white house study. the loss had a huge impact. late fees collected in january and 2010 totaled $901 million. the law, the number dropped to buy more than 32% to 4 $27 million. the number of accounts with over the limit fees virtually disappeared. down 91%. the number of accounts at what rate hikes fell from 15% to just 2%. of a surprisingly the baking industry is supportive. one lobbyist said the increase the loss because to give consumers a better in just kidding about the cost of credit. white house officials are expected to use this information to push for more support for the controversial financial protection bureau. its charge with regulating credit cards and mortgages, it's faced intense scrutiny from democrats. vicki, kron
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4 news. >>pam: national home prices have reached their lowest point. it shows the national average dropped 3.9% from november to december of last year. san francisco drop 1% during that period. if the only major city to show an increase was washington d.c.. the moralism tablet finally has a price and a release date. the fishing goes on sale this thursday. it's priced at $800. if that $300 more than the entry level i pad. if however, if the son of a two-year battle plan contract with verizon, the seal would cost $600. it has features the i pad is not such as the camera and various output some inputs. stay tuned, tech reporter gabe slate will compare this into the i pad trigger newscast at 5:00. we will have a look at what they're after the break. stay with us.
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>>jacqueline: a live look inside from the bay bridge,
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sunny skies this afternoon but we will see changes as we head into tomorrow. tonight and tomorrow, temperatures drop off quickly once the sun goes down. we will see very cold conditions to get over night even patchy frost. into the afternoon, high clouds and windy conditions, cooler temperatures as well. the next door will take aim at the bay area. temperatures tomorrow, i get in the 30's nearly everywhere. 42 and san francisco, 40 in oakland and 40 in mountain view. 31 napa, 30 santa rosa, 39 san jose, 37 along the coast and have the bay. temperatures tomorrow, i get a little bit cooler out there tomorrow plus when you factor in the wind and cloud cover, will be as this is what we saw today. 51 san or file, 52 in san francisco, 55 napa, 55 in san jose and
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in antioch 54 a, occurred. clear skies today, another store will drop right along the west coast of canada burning coal there with it. the rain starts late thursday, he lives by 9:00 p.m. once but showers through the bay area. by 18 am, you will see the yellow on your screen heavy rain. friday morning, patchy showers but the rest of the day friday temperatures will stay on the cold side especially drop friday to saturday morning. if this will bring is the chance of snow here locally. if we saw very similar pattern to what were seeing now. if that was back in 1962 this was january 21st picture was still on the streets. just an odd picture for the bay area. it could be one more looking at this weekend. were expecting low skill levels, possibly down as low as c level late friday early saturday nighmorning. this is
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thanks to the cold arctic air coming from canada. this all levels dropped to c level and could see the floor is down in san francisco. this is the same pattern we've seen in 1962 and its on heard of for the bay area. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, increased cloud cover with the conditions and a few degrees cooler in the afternoon. if the big change is coming thursday through friday with on and off rain. very cold conditions friday and saturday that could account for snow here locally through the bay area. >>pam: wild weather in several sections of the country. and i walked families risk of their homes when the were faced with severe flooding. ice jams forced the waters of the more i refer to overflow creating this mess in fort dodge. if some homholders say they didn't have time to salvage their belongings. if flood warnings have been posted in several parts of the state. in south dakota,
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more than 15 in. of snow and aberdeen. that's a large as one day total that city is seen in the month of february. travel was nearly impossible in many of the roads there. many local businesses stayed closed and people stayed home from work at the height of the storm uprooted in peril and illinois. emergency crews had to rescue dog that was stranded on a small island along the mississippi river. if this did the dog wandered out know what was frozen and got stuck in the river thought out. the job is safe and healthy and will be reunited with its owners. we will be back after the break.
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now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly. >>stanley: this driver is a the red zone facing the wrong direction in the bay view section of san francisco. upon further inspection the driver is still the car and join some barbequed chicken he got from here. you can't park in
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the red zone. you are parked. it's a little late because san francisco police rolled up inside a driver for driving the wrong side of the street. the driving and parking happens of people who live here. this driver's double parked at a corner, his flashers are on site test to him that makes it all right. their cars parked of the sidewalk and just about every street in the bay view in clear violation of san francisco parking code. as one officer told me, i don't want to write tickets because of what to call at the end of the day. instead they please these grim warning flags on vehicles illegally parked on the sidewalk. there are sections of san francisco were parking and the sidewalk will guarantee you a $100 plus line. in the bay view, simply because the workers are threatened with
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bodily injury, many are refusing to write tickets. while i was there i also noticed parking leaders appeared to go on a force. for the record, i was even threaten for taping so i can say it's pretty sketchy out there. in the bay view section of san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, just email him at www.peoplebehavingbadly@kron >>pam: parents are holding a rally outside the district school board. school closures are on the agenda tonight, we will have the details the kron 4 is at 5:00 is coming up next.
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live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron 4 news at 5:00 p.m.
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>>pam: pannikin traffic gridlock on a bay area bridge. kron 4 has a big rig crashed on of the dumbarton bridge today. first, world wide effect from the uprising in libya, as the leader gaddafi said he will never stop down from power. shock waves from the rest will view of the pocketbook. kron 4 has team coverage of the situation including the lid is dramatic video from libya. plus out bay area gas prices and airline tickets will skyrocket as a result. >>pam: the leader promises to fight to the last drop of blood to maintain his for decade rule. that rule has already ended in the oil- rich eastern section of his country. that's real army units and police have either fled or joined the opposition. the two faces of libya today, from the eastern city of to holbrook rebels of find a fleck of the old regime. in the capital, a defiant gadhafi
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stands alone and promises to kill all of his enemies or die trying. >> libya's leader for 40 years and blamed the protests on drug crazed youths. he called on his supporters to attack them. this may be the only place where anyone is kissing gaddafi's picture. cartoonist tim is the target of public anger. this is what remains of his main police station rams sacked by a crab the overpowered security forces. their message to gadhafi, >> i will kill you, leave us alone, go way don't come back. >>pam: 1 local leader warned that the people there have a weapon against the regime. >> on this this massive car is stopped


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